Getting started is the hard part. Once the keyboard is clicking, it’s much easier to continue working on what you’re doing. But what is it that makes it so hard? What can I do to overcome the emotional distance to start writing?

At my employer, BEKK, I enjoy being part of a tech group focused on running distributed systems in production. My tech leader is Sveinung, who, besides writing a great inspirational post, provided me with some helpful getting started tips to blogging:

  • Concretize your goals with the post. What do you want to convey? What do you want people to do, or do differently, after reading your post?

  • Define the scope of your post. A shorter post increases the possibility of it getting read. Longer posts might benefit from being a series of posts.

Thus, with this post, I’ve (successfully)? started blogging. How very meta. I look forward to writing about my software and endeavors, and sharing it with all of you.