Kim Tore



Highly experienced software engineer. Great tech lead and teamwork skills. Extensive experience with Linux, programming, architecture, design, monitoring, automation, and integration.

Core skills

Linux • Software engineering • Systems engineering • Data pipelines • Integration • Automation • Agile • DevSecOps • Security hardening

Work experience

Norwegian Welfare Administration (NAV) • DevSecOps Engineer • Nov 2017—Present

I currently work in the NAIS team (NAV’s Application Infrastructure Service) in a DevSecOps team. Together, we build the Norwegian public sector’s most successful runtime platform. Most of our code is open source and hosted on GitHub.

  • Established a highly available system for wide-scale application deployment to Kubernetes
  • Managed Kubernetes on-premises and on Google Cloud Platform
  • Contributed to NAIS device, a secure way to access company IT resources
  • Participated in 24/7 second-line support
  • Software architecture, public speaking, community work

MET Norway • Software Engineer • Dec 2013—Nov 2017

During my time as a systems engineer at the Norwegian Meteorological Institute, I have worked with many different technology and software stacks, developed both in-house and parts of bigger open source software projects. The work has mostly revolved around modernization, automation, and ­systems integration.

  • Designed and implemented the continuous deployment pipeline for the MET API
  • Monitoring, metrics and log collection, data visualisation, alerting, business intelligence
  • Lead developer in several software and operations projects
  • Infrastructure automation using Chef and Ansible
  • Flow-based programming using C++, Python, and Golang
  • Internal talks and workshops

Incendio • Founder • Nov 2007—Dec 2013

I have provided web and system development services, system administration, hardware administration, and tech support on Windows and Linux.

  • Developed a web application framework, employed in numerous apartment projects showcasing houses for sale
  • Developed a proprietary REST API backend for the Clue digital dictionary
  • Developed customizations for content management systems

FreeCode AS • Web Developer • May 2011—Nov 2012

Worked as a consultant at FreeCode, using open source libraries and frameworks for web development, mainly on the Linux, Django, PostgreSQL, nginx stack.

  • Lead developer on a rewrite of, an online diet control service AS • CTO • Oct 2010—Nov 2011

As the sole technical staff in the Internet marketing firm, I had responsibility for the entire hardware and software stack.

  • Architecture, design, implementation, and operations of in-house CRM system and public­facing website
  • Hardware and software acquisitions
  • Migration of web platform and data from Microsoft to Linux environment
  • Tech support for company employees
  • Business strategy and planning

Comunic AS • ICT Trainee • Aug 2006—Nov 2007

In Comunic, I performed various tasks such as troubleshooting, tech support, customer training, and web development.

Volunteering and open source projects

Suboktav • Stage technician • 2019—Present

Suboktav is a voluntary group of people who organize outdoor concerts. I am in charge of setting up the scene and sound stage for musicians. I also play as a DJ at concerts.

Practical Music Search / Visp • Founder • 2006—Present

Practical Music Search is an interactive console client for the Music Player Daemon, written in Go. Its interface is similar to Vim, and aims to be fast, configurable, and practical.

Visp is the spiritual successor and offers a similar interface to Spotify.

  • 200+ stars on Github
  • Architecture, design and implementation of software in C++, then rewritten using Golang
  • Merging and debating project contributions from the community

Go Oslo User Group • Co-Organizer • 2019—2023

Go Oslo User Group is a meetup scene. Participants socialize and listen to tech talks. I co-organized some meetups, and presented quite a few talks.

Caracas • Founder • 2015—2016

Caracas is an open source DIY car stereo system for the Toyota Avensis 2007, running on Raspberry Pi with custom hardware modifications.

  • Design and manufacturing of wood casing and panels, using open source CAD tools and the ShopBot CNC machine
  • Design, manufacture, and soldering of a custom PCB add-on for the Raspberry Pi (HAT, Hardware Attached on Top)
  • Architecture, design, and implementation of backend and frontend software components, using C, C++, Python, ZeroMQ, and Qt5

Hadelan • Tech crew • 2010—2012

HadeLAN was a computer party based in Lunner, Hadeland. For three consecutive years, I worked with network and core services: racking, cabling, DNS, DHCP, routing, game server administration, and tech support.


Vestoppland Folkehøgskole • Aug 2008—May 2009

Martial arts training and various other skills.

  • Aikido – energy and consciousness
  • Bow shooting
  • Acupressure
  • Aromatherapy massage
  • Voice training
  • Band practice

High school • Aug 2002—Jun 2004

  • Electrics GK: basic electrics skills
  • Electronics VK1: basic electronics skills, including component theory, design, and soldering


Native speaker of Norwegian. Proficiency in English, both spoken and written forms.


  • Free software development
  • Making stuff
  • Chess
  • DJ, playing guitar, music production
  • Hiking, trekking, travelling

Detailed skill listing

Programming languages

  • 25+ years experience in software development
  • Currently programming in Go
  • Familiary with many backend and frontend languages and SDKs
  • Elm, C, Python, PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS
  • Regular expressions and parsers

Distributed computing

  • Kubernetes
  • Kafka
  • ZeroMQ and MQTT


  • Intermediate networking skills
  • Routing, IP, network protocols
  • Network security


  • Prometheus, InfluxDB, Grafana
  • Backend and frontend observability
  • Logging stacks and frameworks

Database administration

  • Excellent understanding of SQL and principles of relational databases
  • PostgreSQL and MySQL
  • Apache Solr, Bleve
  • SQLite

Web development

  • Strong backend developer
  • GraphQL
  • Various web frameworks
  • HTML5, CSS3, Elm, Javascript